In the near future, the Sun can fade – scientists


В скором будущем Солнце может затухнуть, - ученыеLand will get less sunlight.

Scientists from San Diego (USA) predict that in the near future, the Sun can fade.

At the University of California concluded that about 50 years of this century it is expected the so-called Grand minimum of solar activity.

Land will get less sunlight.

The researchers argue that the process of heating of our planet will be slowed, but it still will not be able in any way to affect the impending global warming.

Moreover, they emphasize the high probability of great of low activity lights in the near future.

But cold it will not be so active to eliminate the effects of increasing temperature due to greenhouse gas emissions.

According to astronomers, it is likely that a repeat of the Maunder minimum, which occurred in 1645-1715 years. Its main feature was the low number of sunspots.


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