In the Mound of reference for kids in the pool were paid


В Кургане справки для детей в бассейн стали платными

In Kurgan parents unhappy that reference for kids in the pool were paid. This “URA.RU” complained a mother who asked not to call her name.

“I have three kids, I take them to the pool to improve health. Now I have to pay for a certificate for each. No longer than to have to cash in but on the health of children” — outraged resident of the Mound.

The chief physician of children’s polyclinic Eduard Weber explained “URA.RU” that fee is not for help but for one of the tests that is included in the survey. “Analysis on enterobiosis is not included in the program of state guarantees, which is why we charge a fee to offset the cost of reagents,” explained Weber.

According to the chief physician, the cost of analysis is about 160 rubles.


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