In the Moscow metro, the man died under the wheels of a train


The guy fell off the platform.

Because of the deadly emergency in the subway was suspended the movement of trains, reports the with reference to Politico.

In the Moscow metro station “University” the passenger fell onto the tracks and died under the wheels of a train. As explained in the UVD on the Moscow metro, the young man fell from the platform on the hard way.

“On duty at the station, the police immediately called a police emergency, which on arrival verified death of the passenger,” — said the Agency.

The incident happened around 11:15 local time. To eject a passenger for 10 minutes was filmed voltage contact rail.

The movement on the red line subway was suspended from the station “Yugo-Zapadnaya” to station “Sports” in the direction to the center in the opposite direction of the train went with a larger interval.


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