In the Mexican cave found ancient figurines of flying saucers


В мексиканской пещере нашли древние фигурки летающих тарелок Estimated age of unique finds – more than 7 thousand years.

Mexico continues to amaze us with their finds, associated with the alien theme. For example, at the time a particular sensation were the artifacts of the Mayan civilization, published by the government of this country, – documents proving that our planet was visited by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, and that means we are not alone in the Universe. The hunter, for such artifacts in Central America Don Klaus (Klaus don) presented to the wider public with new items that can serve as a confirmation of many of the theories of ufologists.

New artifacts found a tireless researcher in one of the caves of Mexico, show that not only the Mayans, but the Aztecs somehow loved to create different stone shapes, which are easy to learn classic “flying saucers” and their pilots with huge eyes. Video about this unique discovery of Klaus Dona is now heavily replicated numerous media, especially channel UFOmania translated this material into English (see video below).

Klaus considers himself as Don, these figures not less than 7 thousand years, although this Dating is independent of the researcher is highly controversial and not yet proven by any tests. However, the “stone” UFOs and aliens confirmed not only the existence of intelligent life beyond Earth, but also the fact that aliens are present on our planet since ancient times. Moreover, they somehow contacted the Maya, Aztecs and other ancient inhabitants of the Earth (think Sumerians), but today was not going to contact with modern civilization.

Or is it just hidden from the public? So say the conspiracy theorists, who as proof of his theory give a compelling argument: a UFO fly across the planet (see them and shoot hundreds of people), often take the earthlings to their ship, blatantly steal cattle for their experiments, arrange some fences, water, soil and so on – that is, they do not hide their presence on Earth. It is possible that ancient people had contact with them about the same: only the elected, and the rest, as we are today, watching this miracle from the side and carved figures from stone, the gods and their celestial chariots…


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