In the Leningrad region destroyed the “Russian Stonehenge”


В Ленобласти разрушили «Русский Стоунхендж»

The investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case into the destruction of the megalithic complex in the village of Olhovka, Priozersky district of the Leningrad region, which is often called the “Russian Stonehenge”.

As the press service of the Ministry, the proceedings were instituted under article “Destruction or damage to identified cultural heritage”.

According to investigators, in the course of construction from 2018 to may 2020 was destroyed megalith, known as the “Cult stone Olkhovka-24”. In addition, the damage has been the object of “Stone heap of ol’khovka-15”.

The megalithic complex is located on the shores of lake sukhodolskiy. In the Soviet period the scientific staff found in the area of the nine stones chashechnikova and ritual stone mounds. The uniqueness of the complex lies in the fact that the lake is located a few stones that could be used as the altar in ancient times.

In April it was reported that during excavations in Pskov archeologists have found a stone sinker, shaped like the iPhone. The artifact was discovered on the site of a large-scale excavation in the street Leon Pozemskogo from the layer of the 17th century.


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