In the leaked footage news from Polestar


В Сеть просочились кадры новинки от PolestarBeast.

Appeared fresh information about the following novelties of the brand Polestar, Volvo controlled.

Said former chief designer of Volvo Thomas Angelat, which now stands at the helm of the company, Polestar, in an interview with the British edition Autocar.

After the sports coupe, which Assembly will begin in 2019, will be released electric hatchback and SUV.

The head of the company said that “dvuhdverka” Polestar 1 are the status of the flagship, playing for the future of the brand is no less important than the more affordable and traditional model. One of the first “lightweight” models will be mid-size hatch Polestar 2, which is scheduled to launch in 2019. On the market it needs to compete with the American electric car Tesla Model 3.

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As with the coupe, a new model of Polestar will have their own design, however, the interiors of the cars will be decorated for architecture and style for Volvo. This approach will reduce production costs and ensure a high level of quality. Of course, Volvo will borrow also the main components and safety technology.


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