In the headquarters of Facebook there is also a restaurant with kosher food


В штаб-квартире Facebook появился ресторан с кошерной едойKosher restaurant and 11 other cafes serve 6 000 employees of the campus

The restaurant, which will be offered fast food, also includes space for visitors, and is located in the trailer, dubbed “the Kosher truck.”

The trailer will run between the two parts of the vast campus, located on either side of highway 84 that runs through the valley. “Kosher truck” will serve the employees of Facebook who consume kosher food, and any other employees of the huge social network who want to enjoy middle Eastern cuisine. Mobile restaurant will also be used to conduct short training sessions on the Torah every Tuesday in the afternoon, writes ynetnews.

The campus in Menlo Park include a dining area, offering fast food of any kind – from Indian and Asian cuisine to traditional American hamburger, and this is in addition to a trendy café, located in a giant atrium on the roof of the main building, and corners with free snacks and drinks scattered throughout the campus. The food on campus is provided to employees free of charge – with the exception of two restaurants with a full range of services and they are also allowed to bring in restaurant members of their families for free food. The Israeli development center of the company located on Rothschild Boulevard in tel Aviv, at the opening included only non-kosher cafeteria, but now also boasts a kosher kitchen.

Facebook last year reiterated his desire to increase diversity among their employees and to recruit more women, ultra-Orthodox Jews and Arabs – in accordance with the global policy of the company, which aims to integrate people with different cultural and social aspects of the company. Over the last several months the company invited the ultra-Orthodox software developers to seminars and even 24-hour “hackathons” (marathon development) with prizes for the winners.

In an interview with economic Supplement to the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth earlier this year, the Director of the research center of Israel Facebook joy simhon commented on the integration of the ultra-Orthodox to the company and said, “we still Have a long way to go. We are exploring this area and trying to figure out how to do it.”


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