In the Ferrari began to explore the creation of the SUV


В Ferrari задумались над созданием внедорожникаThe production of a Ferrari SUV will be limited.

Ferrari company logo which is a horse on a yellow background will start to produce SUVs.

A statement on Monday, October 9, was made by the General Director of NV Ferrari Sergio Marchionne.

Work on this project prior to a decision, he said, can take up to 30 months. The production of a Ferrari SUV will be limited.

“We are seriously interested in this. We are going to balance our exclusivity and desire to grow with the expansion of the range of products,” said Sergio Marchionne.

The final decision on this project may be known in the first quarter of 2018, after Ferrari will present a new plan for the development of the brand in the coming years. In August Marchione has already made statements about the prospects of the production of SUVs, noting that it is “likely to occur”.


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