In the famous resort discover five unique caves


На известном курорте открывают пять уникальных пещерSaudi Arabia took the cave tourism.

Saudi Arabia will offer travelers to explore five unique local caves.

“While Saudi Arabia continues to develop as a tourist destination, the local geological service (SGS) plans to play a major role in the increase in the number of foreign visitors in the country. Specially for this purpose we have chosen five caves, which will open in 2019 for ecotourism”, – stated in the message.

At the moment, geologists define a convenient access point for tourists. But don’t advertise the exact name and location of the caves, for fear of vandals.

Representatives from SGS to note that these natural national treasures and their surroundings are important and fragile ecosystems. Therefore, they must be protected to ensure the survival of the endemic fauna of Saudi Arabia, including bats, hyenas, foxes and owls.

The karst plateau of As-Sulb, located about 200 km North of Riyadh, contains the largest concentration of limestone caves in the country. According to estimates by SGS, after the opening of the attraction will be able to make more than 1 000 visitors in day because of their proximity to the capital.

Now the staff of the geological survey are working to make the caves accessible and interesting: teach a group of guides, and also involved in infrastructure development in these remote areas to the influx of tourists.

In 2018, the Saudi authorities decided to start issuing tourist and business visas to all comers. According to forecasts, due to the abolition of visa restrictions by 2030 the country will welcome 30 million tourists and earn some money, 54 billion dollars.


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