In the Eastern district of Moscow falsified election results


В Восточном округе Москвы сфальсифицировали результаты выборов

The electoral Commission Eastern municipal district falsified the results of the vote, giving the most votes to candidates from “United Russia”. About it Open Russia said a member of the territorial election Commission Novokosino voting Elena Cheska.

She said that a member of Teak voting Alex Lazarev contacted her and sent pictures of the certified copies of protocols on voting results on the PEC # 943. It follows that one of the elected deputies were the candidates of the party “Fair Russia” Gennady Aleinikov Sergey Kulagin.

Cheska reported that Lazarev was part of a group that works with the state automated system “Elections”. She explained that the data from the certified protocols of voting was transferred to the system correctly.

However, at two in the afternoon of 11 September, according to Chuevskij, “data on the website of Mosgorispolkom was grossly altered”. Voices won members, and part of the invalid ballots were reallocated to the candidates from “United Russia” — Natalia Shishkin and Hope Nikulshina.

Alexander Lazarev, as a member of the TEC with the right to vote had to notify in case of any changes, but he was not aware of,” says Cheska. She also said that now Lazarev is at the meeting in Thika and trying to find out what caused such a major change in the voting results.

Cheska filed to the Prosecutor’s office of the Eastern administrative district. “They will help preserve the evidence of tampering. Now in Tick can open the packs with the ballots and be replaced by others. Then when you convert, it will be the data that is published as the official” — she comments. Prosecutors said that in two days will take up the matter specialist. Also Cheska and Lazarev filed a complaint to the CEC. “The complaint there and went his way. They don’t want a scandal, so do not interfere”, — the woman tells.

“Most likely, someone from the top did not like the election results, and the team came in one of the sections to make the recalculation and the Protocol. In the morning or afternoon on the site gathered everyone and informed that the numbers have changed,” suggests Cheska.

If falsification is confirmed, involved people faces up to four years of imprisonment under article 142.1 of the criminal code (falsification of voting results).


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