In the Crimea in the sky there was a mysterious explosion


В Крыму в небе произошел загадочный взрыв

An unknown explosion occurred in the Crimea on 26 December at about 16:00. This is reported by local residents in social networks. According to witnesses, the heaviest explosion was felt in Simferopol and Belogorsk.

In Simferopol, the cotton was heard in different areas: the center, Moscow ring, Liberty, Marino, Ligozat.

“In the centre of many of the cars alarm went off. It was a few claps similar to shots from a gun”, – reported in social networks residents of Simferopol.

Also Crimean residents claim to have seen a trail from a rocket.

“MANPADS, most likely. Very loud explodes” – suggest people.

Meanwhile, a source in the aviation industry publication news of the Crimea suggested that the sound is the result of the transition of the jet plane supersonic barrier.

“Most likely, the jet was at low speed and crossed the supersonic barrier. During this process, do you hear a very loud sound and the wave. If the cotton was loud, so the plane was close to land,” — said the expert.

Emergency services in the Crimea there is no information about the cause of the sound. So, the MOE and the Ministry of interior reported that they signals is not received. At Simferopol airport said that the air harbour is operating normally, the incident did not affect her activities.


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