In the Crimea during the construction of the new road found 80 ancient artifacts


В Крыму во время строительства новой трассы нашли 80 древних артефактовArchaeologists have discovered in the annexed Crimea 80 archeological monuments in the construction zone of the highway “Tavrida”.

It is reported by the Crimean news service with reference to the head of the Crimean archaeological expedition of Institute of archeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Vnukov.

“Discovered 80 archeological monuments. The area of excavations amounted to over half a million square meters. The most interesting monument of the mound is a Hospital in Kerch. This is the highest mound excavated in the Crimea.Its height is eight meters”, – quotes the edition of Vnukovo.

Archaeologists December 6 found in the Bakhchsarai area on the construction site of the “Tavrida” burial made at the place of mass executions, allegedly of the Golden Horde.

About the beginning of construction of the road “Tavrida” in the Crimea, announced in may this year. To put into operation the track “Tavrida” planned in 2018, but the head is controlled by Russia of service of highways of the Crimea Alexander Mohn reported on the shift of the construction period of two years.


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