In the centre of the Sun was a huge stain – scientists


В центре Солнца появилось огромное пятно, - ученыеTo see from Earth such a spot is impossible

Astronomers investigating the surface of the Sun, found a great spot, stretching for hundreds of thousands of kilometers. They have already said bring it to Earth any consequences.

The solar activity that scientists found near the center of the solar disk, considered to be one of the largest and most beautiful, which had hitherto been observed in this star.

As reported by Russian astronomers, the formation of solar active regions takes place around a number of spots on the star. It is a system which is based on huge magnetic loops that fills the hot plasma. While their length can reach several thousand kilometers. The sizes of such systems, according to astronomers often exceed the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

To see from Earth such spots is impossible because they are in the hard ultraviolet range, which completely engulfs the atmosphere of our planet. At the same time, they can be observed from space.

Experts believe, if in the next few days will not happen extraordinary event, capable of restructuring of the magnetic configuration on the Sun, there is the appearance of huge dark spots will not lead to humans no consequences. This area just go to the other side of the solar horizon.


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