In the Carpathians, the river became red. Photo


The river pollution probably began with the Creek, which was water-soluble paint with enterprise Calulator.

In the city of Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region, river Malynivka acquired a red color. Pollution has a length of 3 km, the loss of fish not detected. On Friday, November 8, according to the Directorate of civil protection in Ivano-Frankivsk regional state administration.

It is noted that the contamination was fixed the day before.

“On the scene left the Commission. …On arrival at the scene, the fact of pollution of the reservoir is confirmed. The water in the river Malynivka is red color without characteristic odor. Water pollution in the river is observed with a length of roughly 3 km away. the Death of fish at the present time it is not revealed”, — informs management of the state administration.

It is noted that the Commission examined Mlynisko upstream and found that the pollution starts with the trickle was Gurktal. It flows near KP Calulator.

“The fence from the enterprise revealed the clots likely water soluble ink red color, which likely contaminated the water in the river Malynivka” — said the administration of the state administration.

At the place of pollution have taken samples of the substance for further research in the laboratory center of Gospodarevskaya.

It is known that the river Malynivka 15 km flows into the river Limnytsia. The water intake on the Limnytsia rivers located upstream in Dobrovlyany village, Kalush district.

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Limnytsia river within Rozhnyatovsky, Kalush and Galich district of Ivano-Frankivsk region, the right tributary of the Dniester river (Black sea basin).


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