In the Canary Islands off the moon of huge size


На Канарских островах сняли Луну огромных размеров The unusual effect is achieved by using optical illusions.

Truly phantasmagoric picture was able to capture on video the photographer Daniel Lopez. Striking entry demonstrate incredibly huge moon, floating behind the Teide volcano in the Canary Islands.

Evening shone occupies almost the whole sky, and to believe that Selena may look so huge from the Ground, absolutely impossible. This is why many Internet users have decided that it is the skillful editing. However, Lopez argues that the frames are completely authentic, and is willing to share the secret of his tricks.

A professional photographer explains that shot this scene from a distance using a camera with a powerful zoom. Due to the fact that the Moon was at this moment in front of the volcano, and has created such a bizarre optical illusion that the natural satellite closer to the planet in dramatically dangerous distance. However, for people on top of a mountain, watching the sunset, the Moon looked completely normal.

NASA, having seen such splendor, declared the video material of day.


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