In the budget years 2018-2020 of the costs of the officials, the army and the police will be 38%


В бюджете 2018—2020 годов расходы на чиновников, армию и полицию составят 38%

Business media reported details of what is incorporated in the new Russian three-year budget passed by the state Duma. As reported Finanz, the government plans to reduce spending on support of national economy and social welfare of Russians.

Spending on social policies compared to the refined painting of 2017 decided to reduce by 7.8% to 4,702 trillion. Including pension costs by 12.9% to 3,232 trillion rubles.

The support plan of the Russian economy cut by 16.4% from 2,575 trillion rubles to 2,212 trillion.

The cost of the army (national defense) and the police (national security and law enforcement) in the open part of the budget will amount to 2.27 trillion rubles. Given the classified expenditures (2,825 trillion rubles), which is included in the totals, but without identifying concrete projects and articles, the security forces can get a total of 5,096 trillion roubles on 260 billion rubles more than this year.

The cost of maintaining the government slightly (4.6%) decrease — up to 1.236 trillion rubles. However, the total of officials, the army and the police budget can spend 6,332 trillion rubles, or 38% of total expenditure.

Does not receive substantial investment in the system of education expenditures will rise by only 31 billion rubles, or 4.9%, to 663 billion.

Even less is invested in health — the Federal budget will allocate for these purposes of 460 billion rubles, as against 454 billion this year.

Provision for sport decided to reduce by almost half next year (101,8 to 60.1 billion) and half in 2018, up to 37.8 billion rubles.

Investment in public media will grow slightly (82,9 billion), however, after the presidential election in 2019 will be reduced almost by 20%, to 67.8 billion rubles.

Sharp — almost 15% increase in costs associated with servicing the debt. To pay interest on loans, the Ministry of Finance will have to send 824 billion rubles, or every 20th of the ruble.

9.1% increase in expenses to support the regions.

To close the hole in the budget the government intends by raising debt (817 billion roubles) and funds of the national welfare Fund. Reserve Fund in the draft budget is not specified because its reserves of 920 billion rubles — will be exhausted this year.



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