In the body teenagers there is a steady concentration of plastic


В организме подростков имеется устойчивая концентрация пластика

Experts conducted an interesting experiment that led scientists to no less interesting, but dangerous conclusions.

As it turned out, the body 86 percent of Teens have a dangerous concentration of plastic. The authors were scientists from the United States of America.

They say that discovered the component of plastic is sufficient threat to human health is bisphenol a, which is used in the manufacture of plastic bottles and containers.

When foodstuff that are in a plastic bottle, begins to ferment, the material emit harmful to human body substances that enter along with food.

Bisphenol a in its structure similar to the female hormone estrogen, which leads to problems in the sexual development of the child. This component also negatively affects the operation of the human brain, affecting memory and coordination of the individual.


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