In the Black sea found a record amount of garbage


A piece of debris comes each minute.

Holidaymakers on the Black sea and especially in Crimea, it should be remembered that the sea is littered with strong, reports the with reference to

Experts of the UN project “Improving environmental monitoring of the Black sea” came to the conclusion that the waters of this natural reservoir contains approximately 2 times more garbage than the Mediterranean sea.

The program participant Olena Marushevska said, on the coast of the Crimea now, of course, impossible to take samples because of the annexation of the Peninsula Russia. Therefore, the researchers selected samples in the coastal waters of the continental Ukraine and in the deep part of the Black sea.

But the results apply to all Black sea and not only in the coastal waters of Ukraine and Georgia. According to Marushevskaya, according to research, even at 150 km from the coast under the nose of the ship, they always saw some debris. Once past the ship even sailed a dumpster.

The Palestinian expert pointed out that in the Black sea of floating plastic waste bags. And it is not only near the shore, but in the middle of the sea. Approval Marushevskaya, one piece of trash caught approximately every minute.

“The monitoring showed that in the Black sea, in open water, two times more garbage than in the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean sea is the dirtiest in Europe, but the Black sea closed, and all the garbage here and remains,” — said the ecologist.

It is possible that countries which are washed by the Black sea should more carefully treat this natural reservoir.


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