In the Atlantic one marine mammal species under threat of extinction


В Атлантике один из видов морских млекопитающих находится под угрозой исчезновенияThe population of North Atlantic right whale is drastically reduced due to human activities in the Atlantic on Earth

Hits Female North Atlantic right whale, threatened with extinction, spend months and sometimes even years trying to escape from fishing nets, so the energy for mating and feeding babies they are left.

A study conducted by a group of scientists from the Science center northeast fisheries National oceanic and atmospheric administration in Massachusetts under the leadership of Peter Corkeron (Peter Corkeron). According to them, the desire to avoid collision with a human presence at sea seriously undermine the recovery process of these majestic marine mammals after the activities of whalers almost exterminated them. The results published in the journal “Royal Society Open Science.

Earlier, the Northern populations of baleen whales in the tens of thousands. Today this figure is around 450 individuals, and after slow growth (since 1990) in 2010 was again recorded decrease in their number. Moreover, the researchers emphasize that it is the declining population among females. From 1970 to 2009, 80 percent of the 122 deaths recorded in the North Atlantic were associated with the objects or activities of man, as now more than half a century, these species are not hunted. In the study, researchers compared the birth rate of the baleen whales of the North with the South and their relatives from the southern hemisphere, the population of which consists of about 15,000 individuals, and are less affected by human activities.

Data collected over the past three decades, allowed us to count the number of babies born in different subgroups at both poles. As expected, the three groups of southern right whales on the coast of Eastern South America, South Africa and South-West of Australia – gave birth to offspring in two times faster than their Northern relatives. According to scientists, human activities in waters of the North Atlantic affects the poor health status of female whales and their calves. The main possible problem is the “Ghost network” – stretching network of fishing gear animals, which are often made of strong and durable synthetic fibers.

Southern baleen whales don’t have this problem. It is known that more than 80 percent of all North baleen whales enter the network at least once, more than half were there two or more times. According to scientists, whales can be confused in networks for a long time – from several months to several years, and the recovery after release may take the same amount of time


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