In the American forest we found a mysterious “alien cocoon”


В американском лесу нашли таинственный "инопланетный кокон" From the strange object climbed writhing appendages.

Amazing video, received a few days ago in Texas, appeared on YouTube UFO channel “Disclose Screen”. The author presents below the roller was walking through the woods and suddenly noticed something strange on the ground.

First, our hero thought it a piece of metal, but her hand finds, I realized that it has an organic nature. From the mysterious object got dozens of writhing appendages.

Feeling simultaneously surprise and disgust, the American took out his mobile and captured the anomaly on camera. Then hurried to get out of there as soon as possible – away from sin.

Some commenters on YouTube thought that it is some kind of alien cocoon. Other users have suggested that we are talking about the mutant fungus or another organism, which certainly would interest conservation biologists.

Finally, according to skeptics, this nest with the larvae of some butterflies. Such cocoons, they say, similar in texture to fur coats, but they should not touch, because the larvae can cause severe skin irritation.

However, materialists are in no hurry to explain what kind of species of butterfly and how to find in Texas such a Jack. Biologists, too, are silent.

What is it? How much in the world of all that is mysterious and unknown!


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