In the Aegean sea struck the boat the Turkish and Greek ship


В Эгейском море столкнулись турецкий катер и греческое судноAs a result of incident nobody has suffered.

In the Aegean sea near the disputed Islands facing the Turkish coast guard boat and a Greek vessel which stood there at anchor. On Tuesday, February 13.

It is noted that the incident occurred around midnight on Monday. As a result of incident there were no injuries. Damaged Greek ship.

As you know, Greece maintains a large presence in the Islands, the coast guard carries out regular patrols there.

The Greek government had not yet released a statement regarding the incident.

Islands Them, which in Turkey is called Cardak, located just seven kilometers from the Turkish resort of Bodrum on the South-West of the country. Turkey is questioning Greek sovereignty over them.

The dispute over their membership began in January 1996 when both countries sent their Marines on two neighboring Islands. The conflict caused the death of three Greek military.


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