In Thailand, the pickup truck drove into a crowd of students


В Таиланде пикап въехал в толпу студентовFifteen people were injured and two were killed.

It is reported that the driver of a pickup truck crashed into a crowd of students on motorcycles were driving to school, due to the onset of an epileptic seizure. So, 44-year-old driver told police he was driving his pickup truck when he suddenly lost consciousness. At this point he drove into a crowd of students.

According to him, to understand what happened, he could only after came to. According to the publication, immediately after the incident he tried to lash out angry witnesses of the accident. As a result, arrived at the scene, law enforcement officers surrounded the man and took him to the station.

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In addition, test for the presence of alcohol in the blood showed a negative result. The driver will be charged in full. The victims were sent to city hospitals. The identity of the two victims is established. In the accident also killed the dog.


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