In Thailand, the elephant killed the master and tried to hide his body


В Таиланде слон убил хозяина и пытался спрятать его телоThe elephant and the earlier attack on his master.

In Thailand’s Krabi province, 37-year-old elephant killed its master.

The elephant a day to bring logs in rubber plantation. In the evening 50-year-old farmer Amorn Morakot (Morakot Amorn) went to her to put the animal on a chain. When he didn’t return, relatives went to look for him.

Morakot body found under a pile of branches near elephant. Native Morakot believe that the animal is killed the owner, and then tried to hide his body. Earlier an elephant had attacked the owner.

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In June in India caught the elephant, which trampled nine people. He was sent to re-education in Kopanadze the centre for training elephants.


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