In Texas the hogs mauled a woman


American was attacked by aggressive animal in the house seniors, who worked as a nurse.

A nurse from the American city of Anahuac, Texas, died in an attack by wild pigs. The animals attacked a woman in the yard of an elderly couple she looked after, writes the Correspondent.

59-year-old Christine Rollins this morning-parked in the wards, got out of the car and in the yard was attacked by an aggressive pack of wild pigs.

Her body was found 84-year-old owner of the house. On the body of Rollins was discovered multiple injuries characteristic of attacks of wild animals. The autopsy showed that the woman died from blood loss.

As told by the chambers County Sheriff Brian Kotor, the loss of life in an attack by wild pigs is a very rare incident. Only in the USA recorded six of such cases.


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