In Tambov burst into a wild scene because of the draconian taxes on the apartment


В Тамбове разразился дикий скандал из-за драконовских налогов на квартиры

“I opened the envelope yesterday and ofigel — 21 000 rubles”

All week my little homeland provincial Tambov frantically laughed and cried. And this is done simultaneously for the whole country.
Show completely…

Reason was two. Laughed at the creepy monument set in the heart of the city in commemoration of the birth of Lermontov.

Thank God, not Ivan the terrible, but only a woman of indeterminate age with a badly battered and the windswept breastfeeding — Tambov Treasurer. Which, as you know, the drunk husband lost sober Ulan.

And cried because of the role given to the Treasury for debts wife will soon be almost all the inhabitants of Tambov. And in the future — to 2020 — and the rest of Russia.

Tambovchanka for the first time brought experimental tax on their apartments.

Designed for the most brutal the higher rate as if they do not own a house in the village or “kopeck piece” on the first floor, and at least a castle in France.

“Tambov on the map, the General circle signified not always” (M. Y. Lermontov) — but after this provincial town was noted in all the Federal news.

New tax rate set by local MPs, people like you know very radeyuschie for the budget and the country. And apparently, precisely because I do not understand: why in the region where the average salary is almost the lowest in Russia and is slightly more than 20 thousand rubles, and the average family of four often live only 30-40 thousand per month, besides other expenses on a monthly basis vykraivaya 5-6 thousand for housing, people are unable to pay a tax for their property 35 thousand rubles. Or 37. 45. Or under 60.

There is no money? And you look. Smites. You need to tighten your belt. Sit on a diet, finally.

Got into the pocket of the citizens by a majority of votes in Tambov city Duma in far 2014. But our citizens are, as always, came to his senses only by the end of this year, when actually received kvitochki with draconian numbers. Moreover, in the calculation of the tax to the inventory value of the property added another 14.7 per cent the size of the so-called coefficient-deflator, it is recommended to use the Ministry of economic development and actually transforming any apartment in the elite category.

If the dwelling tambovchanka worth over 2.5 million rubles, that is is the usual “three rubles,” every year to pay for it will have 1.5 percent of its value. And less than 70 years, the family for your square footage pay off twice.

Those lucky enough to live in the hut of lower rank, will be to unfasten the state a little smaller — 1% of the cost. And double the price for my apartment in exactly 100 years. And you say “mortgage interest”!

By the way, about the mortgage, those who have fallen into this bondage, will pay twice the tax for the apartment itself, is new and large, therefore very expensive for this rate, well monthly payments, which no one has canceled.

In addition, the tax rate calculated on the basis of the so-called aggregate price of all property. From now on, pass second apartment inherited from a dead aunt, will become not only unprofitable, but also very expensive. As the price of all properties will be folded and reduced to a common denominator. According to residents, some such total amount has already shot up over a few million.

Grasping the heart of the pensioners (which first sounded the alarm) receipts have come in. Despite the fact that the Tambov regional laws, older people, proving its financial insolvency, should not have to pay the tax for a single apartment in which they live, but still required to pay for the land, where is their home, even if the apartment.

However, tax effort, and many elderly people received “letters of happiness” for their apartments, too — whether by mistake, or just in case — and suddenly and will pay. Officially the tax authorities explain this confusion a failure in the computer system, but somehow not in favor of the grandparents.

“My father retired. Any of several properties has not. Yesterday came the greetings from the tax to pay 16 thousand rubles for a house near Tambov, where he lives and is registered. Tomorrow he’s going to go to the hospital for examination as sick. Going through, not understanding how he is now to deal with tax. And Yes, if he decides to sell its “luxury real estate”, that hardly will rescue more than 100 thousand rubles, and that for the hedgehog, living for free under the threshold.”

“What do we do? The family has two children. Come tax of almost 45 thousand. Before paying two and a half. I sit in the decree, only my husband works, benefits not have.”

“I opened the envelope yesterday and ofigel — 21 000…”

The municipal deputies were dismissed by the fact that not everyone got such an extortionate amount, the owners really “killed” the huts, which cost less than 300 thousand rubles, the tax is almost never raised — but they, like all Russians, continue to pay for the overhaul, which is expected to start years later… forty.

“We are gradually beginning to get used to pay taxes, optimistically commented on his creation of the municipal lawmakers themselves. The future for this. There will be a redistribution of taxes will increase the salary of Tambukan below as well as in Europe — 3-5 thousand euros…”

My God, what are these people Smoking?

Although the Governor promised to deal with the objectivity of the assessments of tax on housing and General situation of the money the state is unlikely to refuse, because thanks to the increase in rates for taxable real property, as already estimated by experts from tambucan to the Treasury this year received 200 million rubles more than in the past. So nowhere to go — sooner or later, but forced to pay.

Here’s the rig: a year ago on strike against the imposition of additional tolls on Federal highways, against the system “Platon” — but now I got used to it, some are happy with even… as they say… And what to do if the tail smeared with mustard…

Anyway, all last week the city had expressed their dissatisfaction in the only way available — went to the new monument plump the Tambov Treasurer and spat at him, silent.


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