In Syria, rebels captured a government military base


В Сирии повстанцы захватили правительственную военную базу

On Monday between Syrian government forces and rebels have been violent clashes East of Damascus. Government forces, under the guise of dozens of air strikes, tried to break through to the troops were surrounded, said representatives of the opposition.

Clashes lasted for three days, but on Sunday, the rebels, supported by fighters connected with “al-Qaeda,” attacked government troops and Pro-government groups. The military base was captured and government forces were surrounded.

A UK-based Syrian Center for monitoring the observance of human rights and a Syrian activist Mazen al-Shami said the clashes Monday were in the territory of a military base near the suburb of Harasta-El-Basal, where government forces are trapped.

In the Syrian monitoring Center for human rights said the Syrian air force launched more than ten air strikes on the city and its suburbs. Al-Shami reported that dozens of air strikes. He said that government forces received reinforcements and try to break through to the surrounded troops.

The Center added that as a result of three days of fighting in the Damascus suburb – Eastern ghouta, killed 35 civilians, 24 servicemen from the government and 29 rebels.

The representative of the ultraconservative rebel groups “Brigade Ahrar al-sham”, said that the government is negotiating the release of their soldiers were on a military base in the environment. The representative of the rebels asked not to be named, citing the confidentiality of negotiations, which are at a preliminary stage.


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