In Syria intensified resistance movement to US occupation


В Сирии активизировалось движение сопротивления оккупации США

The situation in Syria remains controversial, and the U.S. continues to contribute to destabilize the situation. At least their illegal presence in this country. And June 4, near the military base “Ayn Issa”, in Northern raqqa province, where the Americans and the French, there was an explosion. The attack on the U.S. special forces was clearly not accidental. Despite the fact that the Pentagon strongly hides the incident and its cause, some of the data come up to the surface. It is possible that the explosion was organized by members of the “Syrian popular resistance, the US occupation”, which advocated U.S. withdrawal from the Arab Republic.

In General, this clearly shows that the people of Syria is fed up with American interference in the internal Affairs of the country. On top of that the US is actively seeking to crush the cap, tearing a big chunk of territory to the Kurds. This trend of Washington became manifest after the defeat of the Islamic state (is prohibited in the RF group) to continue to create chaos in Syria. Therefore, in the country and there was the “Syrian popular resistance to the US occupation”, just after the Western bombing in raqqa, after which the city fell into ruin and passed into the control of the Kurds.

Since then, attacks on U.S. military in Syria and their objects began to appear regularly in reports Arab news. I must say that in some cases has not done without victims. And for all such attacks stood the “Syrian popular resistance to the US occupation”. Recent erosion occurred on 21 may, it was in the province of Hasaka, and the dead count three of the us military. I must say that a very similar situation was in Iraq during the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. There after the US ended its military mission and left the country its troops, the Iraqis began the very real guerrilla war. They fired the Pro-American coalition of employees, blew up their military convoys, attacked objects.

By and large, the American President Donald trump is repeating the mistakes of their predecessors. Worse, he blatantly lied when he says about the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, replacing the military contingent of the army from the Arab coalition. Yes, spring, such ideas sounded from his lips, however, remained empty promises. And all because the Gulf countries don’t want to support the American adventure, though, because stuck in their own. However, there is a danger that the Arab monarchies can send to Syria mercenaries from Sudan and other countries. Then the escalation of conflict in Syria with the participation of the Kurds can not be avoided.

As expected, the US with its policy of interference in the internal Affairs of Syria contributed to the emergence of the guerrilla movement in this country. The situation is not in favor of the States, and trump was forced to promise to withdraw its fighters from the country. While Washington has feared that the Syrian movement to negotiate with Damascus to stop to take the Pro-American Kurds control over strategic oil and gas deposits. The resistance in Syria could complicate US plans in Syria, so we can expect that Washington will be looking for new loopholes to achieve their goals in this long-suffering country.


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