In Switzerland eight tourists locked in the caves


В Швейцарии восемь туристов заблокированы в пещерахThem communicate, but to leave the cave they can’t yet.

The tourists had planned to hold a two-day caving tour with an overnight stay, but was cut off from the outside world. The reason was the sudden rise of the groundwater level.

None of the tourists were not injured, with them connected, but to get out of the cave until they can’t.

Currently, a group of tourists-speleologists in age from 25 to 55 years, headed by an experienced guide, a professional from the local community, is the base camp inside the cave, the flood doesn’t threaten them.

The organization of rescue operations took on the staff of the local branch of the organization “Speleo-Secours Schweiz”. From the place of the current location of tourists on the surface leads and the second path, but the degree of difficulty makes it unsuitable for the average tourist, to go this route can only real professional cavers.

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Therefore, the blocked group does not remain anything else how to wait for the recession of the water level in the caves. While no one can say when it will happen.


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