In Switzerland died a famous actress and singer


Death star Marie Laforêt, singer of hits “Manchester and Liverpool” (“Manchester et Liverpool”), “Ivan, Boris and me” (“Ivan, Boris et Moi”), “My love, my friend” (“Mon amour, mon ami”), “come back, come Back” (“Viens, viens”).

Marie Laforêt (real name Maite Marie Brigitte Doumenach) died at the age of 80 years in the town of Genolier in Switzerland. There, the artist lived after finally left the stage.

During his career of Laforêt recorded 42 albums, which included including original songs Marie. In the post-Soviet space the most famous song Marie Laforêt was the “Manchester et Liverpool”, instrumental version which was the theme to the weather forecast in the TV program “Time”.

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Simultaneously with the career of the singer Laforêt had become famous as an actress. She starred in 35 films. Most famous role was in the movie “the Golden-eyed girl” (1961), after which Laforêt came to be called Golden-eyed beauty of the French scene. Also remember Laforêt in the role of the main heroine and the partner of Alain Delon in the film “Under the sun” (based on the novel “the Talented Mr. Ripley”). But the main partner in the movie for Marie became another famous French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo. With him she co-starred in four films: “Hunting man”, “who is Who”, “Happy Easter” and “Adventurers”. In addition, Laforêt played a major role in the popular TV series “the octopus-3”.


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