In Sweden in the elections the ultra-right took the third place


В Швеции на выборах ультраправые заняли третье местоSwedish people chose a new Parliament.

In the parliamentary elections in Sweden, third place was taken by a far-right party “Swedish Democrats”. In Sweden of all EU countries the largest percentage of migrants in terms of per capita indigenous population. That is anti-immigrant rhetoric became one of the main trumps of right-wing.

“Chaos”, “draw” and “punishment from the voters” – with such headlines Monday morning went to the Swedish Newspapers. The results of the parliamentary elections for many really was unexpected – almost 18% of votes received by far-right party “Swedish Democrats”. Its leader, Jimmi the devil started to celebrate the victory.

Party “Swedish Democrats” was founded in the 80s by neo-Nazis. She first entered Parliament in 2010 – with five percent of the seats. “Swedish Democrats” advocated the repatriation of refugees, the restoration of Swedish identity, strengthening law enforcement and the referendum on EU membership.

“We will not allow to create a government that will not give us the power, moreover, we will make every effort to displace this government. This is quite reasonable: if they want to form a government, they should talk with us and agree with us policy course,” said Jimmi the devil, the leader of the “Swedish Democrats”.

Despite a record breakthrough, “Swedish Democrats” in the elections, ranked only third place. Majority still the ruling social Democrats. The second – “the Moderate coalition party”. Its leader, Ulf Kristersson already refused to negotiate with the right-wing and demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister.

“The Swedish people have chosen a new Parliament – the center-right Alliance is clearly stronger than the current government. This government has outlived its usefulness. It is not meant to be there, and he should resign,” said Ulf Kristersson, the leader of the “Moderate coalition party”.

With the outbreak of civil war in Syria, Sweden has taken hundreds of thousands of refugees. The record was 2015, when the country arrived 163 thousand workers. And although some of them assimiliate, police reports are increasingly flicker crime reports related to migrants from the increased number of rapes, to clashes between rival gangs or, for example, the mass burning of cars in August this year.

While neither the social Democrats nor the right-centrists are not ready to cooperate with the far right. The Swedish political scientist Nicholas Ilot calls it a “cordon Sanitaire” and predicts its imminent collapse: disagreement on the issue of migration has begun and within the parties themselves.


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