In step with the times: Belarus will start building electric cars


В ногу со временем: Беларуси начнут сборку электромобилей  On pricing, nothing is known.

In the Republic of Belarus in may 2018, will begin production of two electric vehicles. Two models of electric vehicles will be produced by the company Zotye, and the place of Assembly will be the Belarusian plant “unison” located in the Minsk district, Minsk region.

The first model, the citicar Zotye E200EV, will be equipped with an asynchronous electric motor with a capacity of 83 horsepower and battery pack, the capacity of which will amount to 24.5 per kilowatt-hour. This will allow the car to drive up to 220 miles on a single charge.

The second model, the sedan Z500EV, a car of a higher class. It to be equipped with a 129-horsepower electric motor and batteries, with which the mileage is expected to increase to 250 kilometers. It is worth emphasizing that the Chinese concern this model is positioned as a premium, as it is equipped with a leather interior, a large vertically oriented screen infotainment system.

On pricing, nothing is known, however, Zotye assume that the citicar will cost about 17 thousand dollars, and the sedan will cost about 22 thousand. Entering the Russian market is planned.


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