In Spain, they stole 4 tons of oranges


В Испании грабители украли 4 тонны апельсинов The car was filled with oranges.

Stolen oranges were transported directly to the salons of ordinary passenger cars, and their origin, the attackers explained simply: found on the road.

Spanish police from the city of Seville arrested five local residents on suspicion of stealing four tons of oranges. Fruits were kidnapped from a cargo ship moored in the port of Seville. The attackers have not invented anything better than to fill citrus own cars. An organized group of four cars they were moving along the road when they caught the law enforcement officers.

About the disappearance of oranges the police said a team robbed of a cargo ship. Soon after receiving the information, cops who patrolled the streets near the scene of the incident, noticed a convoy of three cars: Suzuki sedan, a small wagon and a minivan. After a short pursuit the car was stopped.

Inside the car police found four tons of fruit, which, according to the drivers and passengers they picked up from the ground while driving.


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