In Spain due to the negligence of the rescuers drowned tourist


В Испании из-за халатности спасателей утонула туристкаAccording to them, woman “is not actively calling for help,” says the spouse of the deceased.

In Spain, the rescue of one of the beaches of Valencia did not respond to the woman, because she is “not actively called for help”.

The incident took place in June, but it became known recently, during the hearings in the coroner’s court of the city of Basingstoke in the English County of Hampshire.

Brits Andy and Julie Tadhill decided to swim in the sea. When he returned to shore, his wife, who was in the water, said that can not swim to land.

Then a man came on duty on the beach rescuers, but they said that if a tourist needed help, she would actively waved hands.

In the end, the Briton threw himself into the water, and then it was followed by one of the rescuers. When the woman pulled ashore, she was already dead.

A coroner’s court in London returned a verdict that the woman’s death was caused by accident.


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