In Spain arrested a Polish arms dealer


В Испании арестован польский оружейный барон

Spanish police announced the arrest of a Polish citizen, a suspect in the creation of an underground network, smuggling weapons in South Sudan, reports The Local. Operation on its detention was held on Thursday, July 21, but it has become aware of only on July 23.

The Polish millionaire, whose name was not disclosed, is also accused of money laundering and tax evasion.

Arrested arms dealer lived in a luxury Villa in Ibiza and pretended to be the economic Advisor to the Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau. At the gates of the Villa was a sign warning that this territory belongs to the Guinean Consulate and has extraterritoriality. At the pole during the search were seized fake diplomatic passport.

According to police, in total his group, which consisted of eight people, were taken to South Sudan more than 200 thousand Kalashnikov assault rifles, several rocket launchers and tanks. This weapon was used extensively during the civil war, 2013-2015. The group contained several front companies in Belgium, France, Germany and Britain. Weapons purchased in Eastern Europe, and all financial transactions were turned through offshore companies.

South Sudan is a country in East Africa. In 2011, after years of conflict, it gained independence, however, two years later, the country began a civil war between tribal unions Nuer and Dinka, the latter supported the government and the President, Salva Kiir, and the former Vice-President Machar of Riec. In the result of bloody battles killed more than 10 thousand people, hundreds of thousands became refugees. In August 2015, a peace agreement was signed, but the violence is still going on: in January 2016, arising from ethnic clashes in the capital Juba, has killed more than 270 people, including two UN peacekeepers.


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