In space was the first crime


NASA investigates it.

NASA is investigating the incident, which may be the first crime committed in space: hacking someone else’s Bank account with the ISS, reports the with reference on the most Important.

American astronaut Anne McClain acknowledged that, while in flight, without the knowledge of his wife, with whom she was getting divorced, went to her Bank account. However, she did not believe that he committed the crime.

Ex-wife of summer, the warden filed a complaint against unauthorized access and theft of personal data to the Federal trade Commission and the inspector General of NASA.

McClain returned from space in June of this year. Through her lawyer, she told the NYT that just wanted to make sure that the family budget is in order and enough money to pay the bills and taking care of the son of the warden, whom the couple raised together.

“She categorically denies having done something improper,” says her lawyer Rusty Hardin. According to him, McClane is actively cooperating with the investigation.

Pilot McClane and the intelligence officer of the air force warden married in 2014 and in 2018, the warden filed for divorce.

Ann McLane graduated from the prestigious military Academy of West point. On account of its more than 800 hours of combat missions in Iraq as the pilot of a military aircraft.

After returning from Iraq, she went to study for a test pilot and in 2013 got into the field of view of NASA.

McClain spent six months aboard the ISS and was selected for a spacewalk on March 8 of this year, composed exclusively female group of astronauts.

But at the last moment her participation in this event has been cancelled. NASA explained that it was not the suit size that you want.


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