In South Korea, crashed fighter F-16 U.S. air force. This is the third time recently


Fighter Military-air forces of USA F-16 is damaged during landing in South Korea, the pilot had to eject. This writes referring to the Agency Yonhap.

The incident with the F-16 occurred at the air base in Gunsan, 270 kilometers South of Seoul. It is noted that the military received injuries, he was taken to the hospital. The Agency says that the pilot got out when the fighter was already on the runway. On the severity of the resulting pilot injuries was not reported. Also not mentioned the causes of the disaster and damage of a fighter.

It is reported that the head of the eighth fighter regiment has temporarily suspended all flights with the air force kunsan air base. In connection with the incident will be investigated.

In October, the American F-16 crashed in the South-West of Germany. Also one of the American fighters of this model crashed in Belgium in September of this year.

F-16 Fighting Falcon is an American multifunctional lightweight fighter of fourth generation. The cars are in service in almost 30 countries.


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