In social networks I bet for someone like the younger son, Brendan: there is a photo


At least, nothing in common between the restaurateur and his little son instagram user not found.

The most popular Ukrainian TV presenter and restaurateur in one person for the first time showed the face of a younger son, holding a joint photo in Instagram. Signed Nikolay Tishchenko this photo: “Very characteristic of David is growing)))”, hinting at the serious face of your son.

Subscribers lead “Auditor” immediately began to argue, figuring out who is still like the kid. Opinions differ dramatically, but most of the comments by the users wrote that David look like her mother Alla Baranovskaya, but the father does not like.

The first open photo Nikolay Tishchenko with his youngest son brought more than 18.5 thousand likes in just one night. Followers of restaurateur bathed his son in the compliments and sincere wishes for the future: “What a cool kid!!!”, “Duzhe fine Malyuk!”, “This bobblehead is cool, let them grow healthy!”.


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