In Scotland a castle sell for 1 Euro. Photo


The owner should lead the building in order.

At the auction, National Property Auctions for one Euro for sale luxury mansion in the Scottish town of Arbroath, (the North sea). House in neo-Gothic style built for the family of the Buccaneer in the nineteenth century and is now in poor condition. Under the deal, the new owner is obliged to carry out a complete reconstruction of the building, reports the with reference for Today.

Before the Second world war the mansion was a hotel, and during the fighting children’s home. Since then, the cottage fell into disrepair and was listed in the list of historical-cultural heritage under threat of destruction.

Previously it was assumed that a new owner who buys the building, will be able to reconstruct it under a residential complex with six apartments in the main building and will have the right to construct five detached houses. However, the term of the permit at the option of the emergency fixtures at home has expired. However, local authorities are ready to consider the alternative project of restoration of the mansion.

“This is a great opportunity for the developer to restore the building to its former glory,” said the journalist of the newspaper the Sun Mandy Cooper (Mandi Cooper), managing Director, National Property Auctions.


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