In Saudi Arabia women are allowed to pilot planes


В Саудовской Аравии женщинам разрешили пилотировать самолетыFive sudovym issued licenses for the piloting of aircraft of local airlines.

Women from Saudi Arabia will be able to fly civilian aircraft.

The Directorate General of civil aviation (GACA) of Saudi Arabia has issued five licenses for female pilots by allowing them to work with the crew commanders for the aircraft of the airline Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia). On Tuesday, August 28, reported Al Arabiya.

Issuance of licenses to citizens of Saudi Arabia is part of the plan of action of GACA, according to which women will have the opportunity to work in the aviation sector, which is one of the objectives of the International civil aviation organization (ICAO). Recently a large number of women from Saudi Arabia worked in GACA and in companies providing services in technical fields.

In Saudi Arabia in 2018 recorded a sharp easing of rules and regulations against women. In particular, sudovym allowed to serve in the army, driving trucks and motorcycles, as well as going to football matches without a male escort. To modernize Saudi Arabia seeks crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. He presented the strategy “Vision 2030” to reform the economy and public life of the country.


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