In Sardinia the bridge collapsed into the water


На Сардинии мост рухнул в водуThe river overflowed due to heavy rains.

The bridge fell on the Italian island of Sardinia. Blame heavy rains and the overflowing of the river.

Part of the bridge across the Rio Saint Lucia on highway 195, coming from Cagliari and linking the municipalities of Capoterra and Pula and San Giovanni-Suergiu, collapsed.

It happened just two hours after the mayor’s order to stop traffic on the highway. Only thanks to this decision was not more serious consequences and victims.

Bad weather in Sardinia led to a lot of problems with autosabina, many streets and roads were flooded. Restoration work will start as soon as the situation allows.

Heavy rains that night reminded locals of the tragic flood on 22 October ten years ago when four people were killed. Bad weather caused traffic jams in several areas of southern Sardinia. Two sections of highway 125 impassable due to high water level and brought her garbage.

Recall that only August fell bridge “Morandi” in Genoa, killing 43 people.


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