In Salzburg will show sculptures, frozen sea


The artist is “pickled” in a sea of clothes, shoes, musical instruments.

Israeli artist Sigalit Landau creates amazing frozen sculptures using Dead sea.

She plunges into the water barrels with future art objects and waits for the salt to do its work.

For example, plain ballet tutu, after spending some time in the water, turned into a 200-pound sculpture composed of layers of salt crystals.

49-year-old native of Jerusalem since childhood, visited the Dead sea, the high concentration of salt which makes it unsuitable for life. The idea of amazing sculptures she came, saw crystalline formations along the shore.

Over the past 15 years, she “pickled” in a sea of clothes, shoes, musical instruments.

The following year, the sculptures of the artist can be seen in the Museum of modern art in Salzburg, Austria in the framework of the project “Salty years”.


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