In Russia there is a growth in the issuance of credit cards


В России наблюдается рост выдачи кредитных карт

It became known that the economists of Russia told that Russia has sharply increased the growth of credit cards. According to the data obtained, in 2017, residents of the Russian Federation received in banks one and a half times more credit cards than in 2016. This is reported by media, citing the credit Bureau.

As says the publication, this does not affect the earnings in the banking sector. This phenomenon only shows that the Russians learned how to use this banking product. Experts add that a large number of consumers learned to use credit cards to avoid paying interest. Representatives of many banks said that card limit up to 20 thousand showed an increase in the issuance of 10%, from 20 thousand to 100 thousand rubles — for the 47%. They expect demand growth among the population of Russia in 2018.


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