In Russia out the world’s first iPhone XS tourbillon


Caviar a Russian company has announced a new modification of the smartphone iPhone XS, as always, very original. Here again a lot of gold and pathos, but most importantly it is a built – in tourbillon. The tourbillon is a small mechanism that is found in expensive wristwatches and increase accuracy by eliminate the influence of earth’s gravity.

The iPhone XS Caviar received from the clock mechanism, consisting of 19 stones and have manual winding – power reserve is 30 hours, then have to spin the wheel. For some reason, it was decided to abandon the automatic winding is not reported. The tourbillon in the smartphone 1 minute, i.e. a full rotation around its axis makes it in 1 minute exactly.

The cost of the phone in Russia will amount to exactly 500 000, and will be released only 99 copies, each with a unique serial number. The casing is decorated with gold unknown samples, as well as composite stone white and black colors. The characteristics are all the same iPhone XS, since the announcement which has been for six months.


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