In Russia offered to release families with children from the estate tax


В России предложили освободить семьи с детьми от налога на недвижимость

The proposal to exempt families with children from property taxes sent to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin the head of the National parent Committee Irina Volynets. On 30 April, reports RT.

“In order to support families with children and as one of the measures to overcome the demographic crisis I ask You to consider the possibility of exempting families with children from tax on real estate and land plots at the rate of one unit of real property plus one land parcel for a family”, — stated in the message.

Volynets said that the proposal could be adopted, taking into account the risk of budget cuts and abuse by unscrupulous people who may start to evade taxes, rewriting your property for families with children.

Note that the mechanisms in this announcement were not disclosed, moreover, it is not clear what constitutes the definition of “families with children”. This is a family with one child, two or a large family?

Recall that in recent years, the Russian government is searching for new mechanisms uluchshena the demographic situation in the country.


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