In Russia may ban sales of the iPhone


After the elections in mid-March the standard of living in the country has declined markedly – increased prices for everything, plus USA and again besieged us with their sanctions. But soon everything will become more interesting, as Dmitry Medvedev has proposed to ban products from the US in response to America’s actions.

This fully touch mobile segment, so that soon your beloved iPhone may be banned. It should be noted that Mr. Medvedev is only proposed to introduce such a ban – final decisions in such matters he does not accept, and for him it would make the one whose name cannot be called. It is unknown whether the planned construction of a barrier to trade between Russia and the United States, however, it should be noted that Mr. Medvedev has used the technology of Apple, because it is not seen with iPhone in hand, including the latest iPhone’s, and Apple Watch on your wrist.

On the other hand, in the fall of 2017, he was presented to the domestic smartphone Inoi R7, which never even went on General sale because of outright weak toppings and high prices. We will add that Intel and AMD are American, and if the ban on technology, the United States will enter into force, Russia may lose all modern computers and laptops and go to the Baikal and Elbrusy processors 2016, the legacy back in 2007.


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