In Russia live more fun, but shorter


В России живут веселее, но короче

Of course, we live in a great country. – From afar began to review the decree of the President about increase of life expectancy of Russians the First channel Cyril Kleymenov. – Our space ships and satellites travel through space orbit. Our missiles reach Syria and fall right on target. There is no question in the global agenda, in which our opinion can be ignored. Moreover, we are an integral and important part of world history. Countries such as our less than the fingers on one hand. Of course greatness is a heavy burden. For most of a once-great countries, it eventually proved too much. To take at least the countries of Western Europe. For nearly 500 years, they shaped the fate and the appearance of the rest of the world, and now live in between meals, I love to talk between them about goals and values. Soon, I think, in General political elections will repeal as unnecessary: why produce clowns for so little money, if still all decisions are made by smart people on the other side of the Atlantic. “Well, let him say to us in response to the Europeans – but we have cleaner air, better medicine and people living longer, though, and boring”. And we have more fun, but shorter. And that’s just for us to have long and fun, the President issued his next, but the most important may decree.


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