In Russia, history does not teach anyone


В России история никого не учит

Interesting news! In Russia under the guise of banned brew — from 1 January 2018. Survived! Introduced in the relevant article of the administrative code. Interesting — well, now he will go from door to door precinct? And selling moonshine, it turns out, the New year is illegal?

The reason is clear — it is in line with government policy in recent years. Some will talk about fiscal purposes (to get people to buy the official alcohol in stores, adding to the budget through excise duties), others on some “caring for the health of the nation”, but actually, of course, another reason: on the one hand seprately rage, on the other — an imitation of the scoop, the two main tendencies “late Putin”.

Will it help? Of course, not. Moreover, “fight brewing” the state simply has no strength and means; for moonshine don’t even really need a special machine, enough ordinary pressure cookers and simple adaptations.

Ten years ago, I wrote about an almost chemical purity of the social experiment, which was conducted at the beginning of the century, the authorities of the Magadan region (I worked there then as a political consultant and learned all the details first hand).

In a nutshell: Magadan in fact — he is still the “island”, and almost all its supplies through the port (there are no Railways). Therefore, through the port cargo turnover was very convenient to track the dynamics of consumption in the city, with very high accuracy.

So, in Magadan, one time launched with the support of the Governor — a real war supplies in the city of counterfeit alcohol (goal is to increase regional budget revenues from the sale official, the excise taxes which were just there). Fought year, during this time, blocked all the channels of delivery and defeated in the city’s main underground shop, and jail a bunch of “bootleggers”. The war was like in Chicago!

Summary: a year counted — to tears: despite the obvious successes, the sales of the official, the excise of alcohol in the city that has not increased — they have DECLINED. How so?! Is adjacent Magadan and Kolyma stopped drinking?

But no. Helped analysis the turnover of the port. It turned out that during the same period, “war”, the delivery of the city of sugar has increased… three times! Yes, three times. Although no boom in the confectionery industry in the city was observed.

The answer was one: obviously, in people successfully and massively switched to moonshine. And so it proved. Seeing this, the administration of the spat and stop the “war”.

However, in Russia, history does not teach anyone, so let’s go over here, across the country.


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