In Russia earned a virtual operator Tinkoff mobile


Virtual operators in our country has become even bigger – now services of cellular communication provides the operator Tinkoff mobile, do not have their own hardware. According to official data, it is based on hardware from Tele2, but to connect to it can only residents of the two capitals.

Yet Tinkoff mobile works only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, starting today, but the coverage promised across Russia, although the exact timing of the launch of the project in other cities of Russia no one calls. If in Bank there is no service, then the operator Tinkoff mobile no fixed tariffs for communications services, the subscriber is given the opportunity to collect individual rate yourself by selecting the packages and traffic, as well as connecting unlimited access to the different resources.

Importantly, the network of Tinkoff mobile no roaming charges – nationwide cost of traffic and conversations will be the same as in the home region. The package prices start from 150 rubles for 200 minutes per month and from the same 150 rubles for 2 GB of traffic per month and unlimited SMS, if they are someone else enjoys it, will cost another 50 rubles per month. Detailed information about tariffs you can find on the official website of Tinkoff mobile. We will add that when making the SIM card is automatically created virtual card Tinkoff Bank with a free service, so don’t forget to make sure it is debit and not credit.


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