In Russia changed the rules for issuing gun permit


В России изменятся правила выдачи разрешения на оружие

Owners will have to provide a medical certificate every year, not every five years

Wanting to own a gun, apparently, is markedly diminished in the near future in Russia. The owners of the “trunks” will annually provide a certificate of their sanity (they still had to do it every five years).

Drafted amendments to the procedure for issuing of permits, carrying, possession, hunting, sports and other weapons and the renewal of such a document. According to the draft documents once a year as candidates for a license and possessing a weapon will be required to provide two certificates: the absence of contraindications to possession of weapons and with the results of chemical-Toxicological studies (testing for drugs and psychotropic substances). If a person who has permission, will not bring in licensing organ the two documents in time, it is simply cancelled (and the weapons he will withdraw at any moment as illegally held).

Revolutionary changes will affect owners of all types of “barrels”. If still the owners of the collector’s weapons were in a special position and did not help even once a year (permission was given indefinitely), now they will have to do this every year. According to experts, people EN masse will abandon the right to own “guns”. By the way, this year has sharply reduced the number of owners, and number of weapons they have.


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