In Russia, bitcoins will “give coupons”


By the time of the collapse of the USSR food in the country left, and she had coupons issued in a strictly limited quantity. The same thing could happen again, but this time not with food, but with cryptocurrency – officials intend to restrict the sale of bitcoins in one hand.

The government of our country is actively working on the legalization of cryptocurrency, which he will need legislative framework. As reported by authoritative sources, the law may be stated the maximum amount that will be allowed to purchase bitcoins and other esters – from 100 000 to 600 000 rubles per person. Automatically, this means that anonymity when dealing with virtual money more will come, and will have to come out of the shadows, and there are already tax warning in advance so that mining can be a very disadvantageous event.

So far everything is a rumor, as officials even among themselves cannot agree – they are still divided into camps of opponents and supporters of the cryptocurrency. The law on bitcoin may come into force in 2018, so mine now while these actions are not regulated, and you can get the maximum profit without having to share with the state.


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